Our Vision

Thomas Bates - a former Kenilworth resident who now runs his own architectural consultancy, Studio Bates, in Berlin has produced an inspirational design for the campaign for a 21st century Lido in Kenilworth alongside the existing indoor pool. To view the full design, with comments by Thomas, please click here.

You can also view a model and designs in our shop front takeover just off Talisman Square in Kenilworth.

Thomas has come up with a design proposal which reconnects both the outdoor and indoor pools to their park surroundings and in particular the lake. His design incorporates all the features you would expect to see in a modern Lido with the addition of a plunge pool, play fountain and paddling pool. The purpose of his design is to generate discussion about what is possible and help the community encourage the Council to consider this option.

The Lido Campaign Group would like to record their thanks to Tom for his hard work and support.

For further information about the work of the Kenilworth Lido Campaign Group and how you could become involved, please look for "Restore Kenilworth Lido" on Facebook or send a mail to friendsofkenilworthoutdoorpool@gmail.com

Model designed and created by Kenilworth raised architect Thomas Bates @studio Bates Photographs by Max Creasy