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What can you do?

Write to your District Councillor Now!

Following the announcement by Warwick District Council on Tuesday 13 August 2019 that they intend to press on with the closure of the outdoor pool without further public consultation some supporters have asked for a template letter to write to their Councillors.

We have drafted one but please be aware that personalised letters are better. You may also want to add the following points.

There has still not been a proper assessment by the Council of potential demand, and cost of building a year round heated Lido.

This will be the loss of the the ONLY outdoor swimming pool in the whole District. Wild swimming in a proposed country park is aimed at a different target group again.

No information released to public for 3 months since elections and then provided for decision making with 5 working days notice.

And anything else you feel about this issue


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Support the 'Wish you were here' postcard campaign to Councillors

Pick up a postcard from Kenilworth Books or Tree House Bookshop and let your local Councillors know how you feel about the pool closing.

Join the volunteer group and help organise events and actions

Send your email address to to be kept up to date with the latest actions.


If you are a designer or architect who can help us develop an exciting plan and visual image of a 21st Century Lido for Kenilworth we would love to hear from you. Please contact